I’ve heard there is some start-up funding available? Is this true?

Yes, we have £18,000 to use to support our graduates get started with their business. This is provided to us by Santander Universities. You will have an opportunity to pitch for this fund on the final day of Countdown to Launch. This is normally limited to £1000 per participant, unless you blow our socks off. The funds will be split equally between Cyncoed and Llandaff

I’m really skint, my loan has run out and I was going to go home for my mum’s cooking.

We’re going to provide you with lunch, snacks and plenty of coffee, so while it may not be as nice as your mum’s cooking, you won’t starve!

I have to work on the Tuesday, I have a dentist appointment on the Monday, my Gran is visiting on the Thursday is it OK if I miss a day?

No, you need to attend all five days, and you will also be required to do work in the evening. Clear your diary! If you want to run your own business you will need to make sacrifices to do so successfully. If you are not able to clear a week in your diary for this really useful program are you really ready to run a business?

I’m gluten intolerant, allergic to prawns, dislike the smell of coffee – will you be able to cater for me?

We will do our best, but we’re not psychic! Please tell us dietary and educational requirements when you apply and we will try to meet them.

I don’t really have a great idea, can I still apply?

Yes you can, please apply for the Team Universe trajectory.

I’m setting up a business with a partner/team, can we all come?

If you are all students/grads from Cardiff Met yes, please apply separately. If your business partner is not at Cardiff Met we will need to discuss this with you, please add this information to your application.

Will I have to wear a suit, drive around in a people carrier and talk into a phone in front of my face?

No, we don’t see entrepreneurs in the same way as they do on the apprentice. If you have a good work ethic and the ability to listen and apply what you are learning we are confident you can run a business without having to be an uber competitive alpha character.

I’m really shy, and wouldn’t want to ‘pitch’ can I still get funding?

You know what, we all hate ‘pitching’ but selling your idea is part of running a business, so if you want funding you will need to pitch, but we will give you plenty of support to make sure you can pitch confidently.

I’m studying on the Llandaff Campus, can I only attend the event on the Llandaff Campus?

No, please register for whichever week is most convenient for you. The week at Cyncoed has been timed so that 3rd year students will have completed their dissertations, while the week at Llandaff has been timed so that it is after the CSAD degree show. The content of each week is pretty similar, as is the funding. It’s more important that you choose the right trajectory for your ambitions.