Mission to Mars Rocket

Already have an idea and ready for lift off? Mission to Mars is perfect for those who want to expand their business and attract investment. You may have a great tech idea, or just want to run a company with a few employees. This route is also relevant if you want to create a social enterprise and really make a difference through entrepreneurship.

Learn what you need to do to create a bigger business and attract investment. This trajectory will focus on developing your business model and helping you to make sure that model is ready for investment.

Through the use of design thinking tools we will help you to develop an effective business model, apply Lean Startup principles to help you discover the assumptions in your business proposition and understand the steps you will need to take to get your idea investment ready.

We will explore what sources of investment are available and you will hear from experts in regards to debt, equity and crowd funding.

By the end of the week you will have a clearer model for your business. You will have identified the steps you need to take to gain investment and learnt some of the skills you will need to be an effective business owner.

If this trajectory sounds interesting, but you don’t yet have a clear idea, you may want to consider Team Universe.