Tech Tailors - Dominic Bonaker

Tech Tailors is a digital company that creates web and software solutions for individuals and other businesses. They are creating a movement to change the perception of traditional technology development by opening the doors and including the client in the entire process.

KAYDIAR - David Barton

KAYDIAR is a medical company that specialises primarily in prefabricated offloading devices that relieve high pressure areas of the body. The product is has been granted a patent and they are looking to develop the technology into different areas including wheelchair and bed-bound individuals.

Rhian Kate - Rhian Kate

Rhian Kate is a designer and maker focusing on handmade contemporary Jewellery. She makes all the jewellery in the United Kingdom and uses a range of different materials to make unique jewellery inspired by the moon and solar system.

Ffangaí - Ian Cooke-Tapia

Ffangaí is an arts organization and collective whose focus is in joint collaboration between artists, community and business. Ffangaí started by working towards setting up a multidisciplinary co-working space. They are currently working towards creating an community of artist to work collectively on projects.

Molly May Lewis - Molly May Lewis

Molly is a artist and designer specialising in printmaking and fine artistry. She has been expanding her brand by collaboration with various other artists and is now working on a commissioned piece for the NHS. She is constantly developing her skills, and is expanding her range of services constantly. 

Rayer’s Rascals - Lloyd Rayer

Rayer’s Rascals are a primary school sports provider, offering high-quality PE curriculum sessions, PPA cover, breakers and after school clubs, birthday parties and camps. They have recently been working on optimising their processes to provide the best possible service to their customers.